Earn Free 25,000 Satoshis! BONUS

I. How It Works

All you need to do is make a Youtube video about IndexBitco.in explaining about the ways to earn money on IndexBitco.in. Once your video reaches 2000 real views You will get the 25,000 satoshis bonus directly to your account which you can cashout instantly. The video must be only about IndexBitco.in

By doing this Not only We will Pay you 25,000 satoshis bonus, But You will also get a lot of Referrals which will help you earn a passive income every day. A lot of our and members acquired thousands of referrals from Youtube and its one of the most converting traffic sources!

II. Terms

  1. The video duration should be atleast 4 minutes long
  2. The video must be for IndexBitco.in Only
  3. The video will only be counted if its uploaded after Nov 1, 2019.
  4. The views you get on your Video must be Real and not fake, We can check for the fake views easily
  5. We reserve the right to deny your reward if we feel the video is not informative.
  6. At last you must own the video and must not copy it from any other channel.

And as always, If you have any doubts or just want to get in touch do not hesitate to send us a support ticket.

All the best,
Admin- IndexBitcoin