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 Terms and Conditions


  1. Use of Proxy or VPN to access your account is strictly prohibited and you would be banned upon notice.
  2. You are not allowed to Create Multiple Accounts!
  3. We reserve the right to mark your traffic as invalid if we find it to be fake or abusive for any valid reason
  4. Integrating the PTP Link outside the visitors viewport will be invalid and you shall be banned for this upon notice.
  5. We will thouroughly check each user's account for fraud from but not limited to PTP and Faucet.

Payments To USERS

  1. The minimum to payout is 0.00025 BTC. However we may raise the minimum payout in future if circumstances change (like increase in fees)
  2. All Payments will be processed in a maximum of 48 hours upon request.
  3. You need to enter your correct wallet address. Once the payment is sent it is technically irrecoverable.

Link Promotion

A valid visit consists in sources such as PTC sites, manual traffic exchanges or any other traffic type with min. 4 sec exposure time which can be TRACED it's source. We also require a minimum screen resolution of 1024x600 pixels and a minimum browser/frame size of 850x450 pixels. Invalid visits are without a referrer, blacklisted sites, proxies and Bots.

Accepted sources:

  1. PTC sites
  2. Manual traffic exchanges
  3. Revshare Sites
  4. Bitcoin PTCs, example:
  5. All Real traffic ( except for untraceable traffic )

InValid Sources- NOT ACCEPTED

  1. Autosurf Sites: ex:
  2. Hidden iframes
  3. Rotators, Example:
  4. Visits behind a proxy
  5. Visits behind a VPN
  6. PTP programs
  7. Empty Referrer / No referrer / direct visits
  8. Mobile traffic (in big numbers)
  9. False referrer traffic (ex: )
  10. Non-traceable traffic